How to stop programs from loading at startup

It's simple to see which programs are opening on startup and stop them.

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If Windows takes ages to start, maybe there’s too much software launching automatically on your business’s PCs. Our new video shows how to manage that.

The more software you have on your PC, the longer it takes for windows to start

Why? Because when you install new software, sometimes it adds itself to the list of startup apps and that means a lot of software starting automatically when you reboot your computer and has a lot more to do and needs more time to do it.

Let’s see how to improve things.


Strengthen Your Business with Proactive Cyber Investments

Strengthen Your Business with Proactive Cyber Investments

As more businesses recognize the importance of proactive cyber security investments, it’s encouraging to see the shift towards better protection. Despite this positive trend, nearly half of small and medium-sized businesses still lack adequate cyber security measures. If your business is one of them, it’s time to take action.

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“Elevate Your IT, No More Gambles”

“Fed up with underperforming IT systems? Exhausted by costly solutions that can’t grow with your business? Weary of support that only offers temporary fixes to enduring issues? I seek a scalable solution free from IT headaches. I desire technology that supports, not hinders. I’m in search of a dependable team of specialists to guide us forward. I’m prepared.”

Perfectly expressed. Let’s turn that into reality.
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