Don’t think your business is a target? Think again cybercriminals

Recent studies reveal that cyber criminals are broadening their targets, aiming at companies of all sizes, from small independent stores to multinational corporations. Their tool of choice? Botnets.

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You might assume cyber criminals only focus on big corporations or entities with substantial financial resources, thinking these are the primary sources of lucrative gains.

Think again.

Recent findings indicate a broadening target spectrum for cybercriminals, encompassing a variety of business sizes, from local boutiques to international conglomerates. This expansion in focus is facilitated through the deployment of botnets.

Botnets, a rising concern in the realm of cyber threats, may be a new concept to many. Essentially, they serve as the hidden arsenal for cybercriminals, consisting of networks of hijacked devices controlled by a singular nefarious operator. These devices range from personal computers to smart home appliances, including refrigerators, transforming ordinary gadgets into tools of cyber warfare.

A recent analysis highlighted significant surges in botnet activities, with instances of over a million devices simultaneously engaged in malicious operations. This marks a substantial increase, up to a hundredfold from typical botnet activity levels.

Historically, daily malicious activities would involve around 10,000 devices, with figures reaching up to 20,000 being previously unprecedented. However, December 2023 witnessed a record-breaking surge to 35,144 devices, escalating further to 43,194 within a fortnight. The peak of this activity saw 143,957 unique devices concurrently utilized for malicious purposes, with spikes exceeding a million devices in early January.

The primary function of these botnets includes scanning the digital landscape for vulnerabilities across websites, servers, and email infrastructures.

Cybercriminals exploit these vulnerabilities, akin to seeking unsecured entry points in a fortress. Their focus lies on identifying accessible “ports” to infiltrate systems.

To fortify against these cyber intrusions, several preventative measures can be employed:

  • Ensure timely updates of all software, operating systems, and applications to address security loopholes.
  • Implement robust firewall solutions and dependable antivirus programs to safeguard your devices.
  • Promote cybersecurity awareness among staff, cautioning against the risks of dubious links and emails.
  • Advocate for the use of strong, distinctive passwords across all accounts and devices.
  • Conduct regular data backups to mitigate the impact of potential cyberattacks.
  • Monitor network traffic for anomalies that may indicate unauthorized access.
  • Engage cybersecurity professionals to evaluate and bolster your protective strategies.

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