PC and Server monitoring

At the heart of your IT should be a great monitoring system giving you peace of mind and insight on your IT landscape

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Ideal for :

  • Customers that want their systems proactively checked and be alerted to potential problems before they become a real issue.
  • Gaining confidence knowing that your business systems are safe and secure using security tools that monitor all parts of the system that underpin security and alerting you to any issues.
    Safeguarding business information from malicious attack by ensuring Anti Virus and Malware Software is up to date.
  • Knowing that backups have ran successfully, helping to ensure data is safe.
    Receive alerts to unauthorised logins so you can prevent attacks on your network.
  • Monitoring the physical health of servers allows us to plan for maintenance and repairs on equipment, before problems cause major disruption to your business.

Price upon request, please enquire.