Office 365

Formerly Office 365 - Allows you to be more productive wherever you are. Connect your employees to the people, information, and content they need to improve productivity and transform collaboration.

A practical and effective solution.


Microsoft 365 is the latest offering from Microsoft to aid in the creation of an efficient and productive work environment. With an Microsoft 365 subscription you will gain access to the most up-to-date office software suite, including the widely used and acclaimed Outlook, Excel and Word products.

Microsoft 365 offers a full cloud based solution for hosting your email, calendars, tasks, contacts and more, removing the need for an onsite exchange server for your business thus reducing the chances of downtime.

Microsoft 365 also gives you access to SharePoint and OneDrive, allowing you to store and share data securely throughout your organisation. On high tiers of Microsoft 365 products users will also gain access to 1TB of storage associated with their user accounts to be used for secure storage of user data.

Microsoft 365 can give you access to the full Microsoft Office software suite in a web interface so that it can be easily accessed from any internet connected computer in the world. Office online integrates seamlessly with SharePoint online and OneDrive, delivering a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Microsoft 365 retention and security measures ensure that your data is secure and retained to comply with company data-retention or backup policy, version control and user access control.

Microsoft 365 can be tailored to your individual requirements based upon cost, size and the scope of your organisation. Millennium can provide the full range of Microsoft Office 365 products as well as relevant support and advice. Please contact our sales team for more information regarding moving your organisation onto Microsoft Office 365 and the benefits of moving your organisation onto Microsoft’s cloud based platform.


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