Oakham Enterprise Park gigabit fibre

Businesses in Oakham Enterprise Park are able to enjoy class leading end to end fibre optic broadband.

Fibre to the Premises at Oakham Enterprise Park

Fibre to the Premises is our high-speed broadband service of up to 1Gbps at Oakham Enterprise Park, which provides an end-to-end fibre optic connection the full distance to the end user’s premises.

The Benefits of Fibre

Speed – Fibre broadband is up to 40 times faster than traditional copper broadband. That means faster uploads and downloads, as well as the ability to run next generation applications, such as IP Voice Services and video streaming.
Reliability – Using end-to-end fibre is inherently more reliable. It’s also not rate adaptive, which all customers benefit from the maximum line rate not a near to or up to speed.

What will the service do for me?

Upload/Download photos, video files, or complex graphics to the internet in seconds, even when several users are on the same connection.
Easier access to cloud based services and virtual office connectivity, reducing capital expenditure on hardware and software.
Less waiting time for complex web pages to download.
Enjoy higher quality voice and video calls over the internet.
Integrate in-house voice and data networks, enabling improved information sharing and better customer service.
No analogue line rental required.

“The Premium Business Package that Millennium Telecom Provide is fantastic for businesses like mine who use an online SharePoint to backup and transfer data, this service is very reliable and having their four hour response time service means that any outages are fixed before they cost the business.”