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Business Broadband Application Form

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Broadband Service (tick one)

ADSL (Copper from the exchange)

​Up to 24mbps Download / 1mbps Upload Speed - Unlimited Usage Allowance. Includes analogue line rental. £39.99 per month
FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet, copper from the cabinet)
Up to 80mbps Download / 20mbps Upload Speed - Unlimited Usage Allowance. £34.45 per month ​
Line Rental no longer needed with FTTC
FTTP (Full fibre from the exchange to your premises)
Fibre to the Premises - Unlimited Usage Allowance - Guaranteed line speed!

​Length of Contract

Please note, with all of the above services, you're entering in to a 24 month contract. With ADSL and FTTC this includes free of charge activation, router and migration. With FTTP there is a charge of £49.99 which includes installation and router.​

Expedite (Optional)
Estimated 3 days set up time rather than 10 days.
​​£150 for ADSL Services. £220 for FTTC Service.

Enhanced Care (Optional)
20hr response rather than 40hr.
​£10 per month

Onsite Installation (Optional)
We will send your router in the post with simple setup instructions. If you would like us to setup your router and connect your various devices to your new router/network, we can come onsite to do so.

​Terms and Conditions

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