Your office is on fire!

It’s the phone call no business owner or manager ever wants to receive.
Your office is on fire

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A call, from the police, late at night – there’s been a fire at your premises.

Luckily it was empty at the time, and no- one’s been hurt at all. That’s a huge relief. You barely sleep. And at first light, you go in to examine the damage, so you can issue instructions to your staff.

The fire wasn’t too big, and the fire service arrived quickly. But your premises have been utterly devastated. The fire itself destroyed a room. Smoke has damaged the rest of the building. And it’s flooded too, as a result of the firefighting. Good thing you’re well covered on insurance.

As you’re surveying the damage, you see your server, located near where the fire was. It’s bent and twisted – clearly that’s going to need replacing.

Good thing you have a backup… no… wait… the backup…